There are pressures pushing development and seeking to persuade the county to go against its constituents in Jefferson County. The county now says that it will follow town plans, but the county needs to continue to hear from county residents.

Contact county supervisors and encourage them to support comprehensive plans and farmland preservation. (They have the last say on what the county does. They can vote against the county staff’s recommendations.) Concord’s supervisors are Jeff Johns, for the west side of Concord, and Mark Groose, for the east side. For other supervisors, see the County Directory

Talk to other people in other towns. Comprehensive plans work best when local citizens are informed and involved; public participation is a required part of the planning process.

Support 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. This organization formed specifically to advocate for comprehensive planning and helped get the planning laws passed. 1000 Friends supports local residents’ voice in land-use decisions. Different communities will have different needs, and 1000 Friends supports that local diversity.

Sign up to get emails or texts with updates and notifications about meetings. Beyond the current appeal, we need to convince the county that citizens care about this issue—that we are paying attention and will protest.

If you are able, please contribute funds. Concord doesn’t need more brightly lit storage buildings near its hamlet. Also, the county should be required to follow proper procedure when rezoning land!