Defend Town Plans was born as a citizen protest after Jefferson County (Wisconsin) decided to stop following the comprehensive plans of towns within Jefferson County. This change goes against the county’s own plan, but, more important, it reduces local control. Many people have invested lots of time and money creating comprehensive plans for their towns. After this appeal began, we discovered that the county is also not following its own comprehensive plan or state statutes, and the appeal changed focus to the county's actions.

Having the county handle town zoning as our zoning authority is very helpful for small towns with limited resources, but that should not take away local residents' right to have a say about what their town will look and feel like (which happens via both town and county comprehensive plans). The state law does seem to intend that towns' comprehensive plans should be enforceable, but towns under county zoning need the county's cooperation for that to happen.

Defend Town Plans is an unincorporated organization formed to collect funds and organize the appeal of the rezoning. The organization is a plaintiff in the rezoning. You are welcome to become a member; membership does not confer any particular benefits but does convey your support for the appeal. Non-members are also welcome to participate in discussions and meetings.

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