Please support this effort. It is a very inexpensive way to preserve your quality of life. All donations are kept anonymous. 

We won the case at the Circuit Court level. Funds raised now will go to defending against the county's appeal of that decision (in the Appeals Court in Madison).

1000 Friends of Wisconsin is receiving donations and paying the legal fees on our behalf, with our oversight. 100% of all donations are used for the court costs; 1000 Friends is providing this service free of charge to us as part of their mission to support comprehensive planning.

Credit card (through 1000 Friends of Wisconsin)

** Mail check to 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. Please include a note indicating that the donations is for Defend Town Plans. Mail your donation to:
     1000 Friends of Wisconsin
     820 W. Wingra Drive
     Box #259704
     Madison WI 53725

If any funds are left over (which we don't expect to have happen), they will go to supporting the Wisconsin comprehensive planning law in general. 

By crowd-sourcing the legal fees, everyone can chip in what they can, without too much burden for any one person. Even if you can contribute only a small amount, it would be appreciated as a sign of support.