Exhibits (records) for this rezoning case

Our case is based on the county not following the law, which requires certain steps and certain conditions in order to rezone land from A-1 to A-2.

Many of these exhibits are just meeting postings, agendas, forms, etc. The more interesting exhibits are the typed transcripts of what was said during the decision meetings (Zoning Committee and County Board).

At their February 28, 2022, decision meeting the County Zoning Committee made the correct and safe decision. Since the rezone was not allowed by the town plan, they did not approve the rezone and sent it back to the town.

Then upon receiving an email from the realtor requesting the board change their decision, they put the request back on the agenda for the March 28, 2022, meeting with the intent of changing their decision. At this meeting their problems start. In the transcript of their conversations during this meeting, they clearly do not understand what is required by the law and the County’s own comprehensive plan. Much of what was claimed is inaccurate (they misquote/misinterpret the town plan and also misread a citizen’s letter).

Also of interest is the discussion at the County Board meeting where the zoning request was approved. There was a clear effort to not look at or understand the facts and requirements for the rezone. Then it was voted to cut off the discussion and a vote was taken to pass the rezone.

List of exhibits in chronological order:

(Nov 18, 2021) Petition to rezone from A-1 to A-2 

(Dec 22, 2021) Concord planning committee meeting minutes (denied rezoning to A-2)

(Feb 9, 2022) Maps of the rezone 

(Feb 11, 2022) Agenda site inspection meeting

(Feb 12, 2022) Written comments against the rezone to A-2 

(Feb 14, 2022) Zoning Department form transmitted from Concord to Jefferson County (Concord Town Board approved the rezoning)

Notice of Feb 17, 2022 public hearing

(Feb 17, 2022) Zoning Committee Meeting conditional use

(Feb 17, 2022) Transcript of the audio of the Zoning Committee Meeting

(Feb 28, 2022) Planning and Zoning Committee Decision Meeting (sent proposal back to town to resolve inconsistency)

(Feb 28, 2022) Transcript of the audio of the Zoning Committee Decision Meeting 

(March 2, 2022) Email from Pete Gross (realtor) asking for the County Zoning Committee to put proposal back on agenda 

(March 28, 2022) Planning and Zoning Committee Decision Meeting (put proposal back on agenda and passed it)

(March 28, 2022) Transcript of the audio of the Zoning Decision Meeting 

(March 28, 2022) County Planning and Zoning Committee form recommending that the County Board approve rezoning to A-2

(April 19, 2022) County Board agenda (pg 36)

(April 19, 2022) County Board meeting minutes (County Board approved rezone to A-2)

(April 19, 2022) Transcript of the audio of the County Board meeting

(April 20, 2022) County fact sheet to approve the rezone